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  • Shereen Vedam

Storytelling Time: Coven at Callington – Chapter 1 Part I

Ever wondered what it would be like if the world around you were alive and watching everything you did?

Would the creatures, inanimate objects even, simply see your drama as if they were viewing a TV show, or would they care what happened to you?

What if they viewed their purpose for being alive in this world was to have an impact on your life?

Step into that world, and find out.

Excerpt from:

Book 1 Coven at Callington eBook Cover.jpg

Genre: a Regency fantasy romance (c) Shereen Vedam

Chapter 1 – Part I

London, England, September 1815

Ernest, a lamp-post on St. James’s Street, flickered his flame to signal George, on Ryder Street. “Have you heard the latest, George?

There’s talk of a mad plan to light all of London with air.”

“Gas, Ernest, not air. It’s said to produce white jets of flames. Pall Mall’s lit so and the theatre districts are in the works. Shouldn’t be long before they reach us.”

Ernest fluttered his golden light in disgust. “Will never happen, George.”

“Progress, Ernest. Can’t stop it.”

“I tell you, it’ll never hap…now, what’s this? There’s movement below.”

“Night watch?” George asked as a cool autumn wind swirled around him, fluttering fallen leaves.

“Not unless he’s taken to skulking in the dark. Where did they all come from?”


“Hounds. Big, black ones. Five, to my count. Tails down, hackles raised, ears back.” His light quivered. “George, I sense trouble.”

“Then this is your moment, Ernest. We were created to warn people of dangers that lurk in the dark. So, flare, my friend. Flare as if you are about to be extinguished!”

* * *

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