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Historical (Fairy Tale ) Romance

A Beastly Scandal


Inspired by Beauty and the Beast

Shunned. Ridiculed. But determined to right her wrong.

In November 1812, after a disastrous Season when Lady Annabelle (Belle) Marchant’s unusual talent for sensing what’s unseen lets her down and results in a man’s death.


A chance to atone for her past mistake sends her dashing to a haunted manor in the wilds of Cheshire, England, in the middle of a snowstorm where she meets the stern Lord of the Manor and becomes embroiled in a mystery to unmask a killer.


Belle struggles to use her uncanny, yet oft-times unreliable perceptions to uncover the truth about a man that everyone believes is guilty of high crimes, but whom her heart insists is innocent.

If you enjoy fairy tales with a loveable pet and a hint of paranormal, you’ll love this hilarious Regency romp where a spunky heroine takes on a man who has a thing or two to learn about how to communicate with women, and a furious Christmas ghost that will put Scrooge to shame.

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A Devilish Slumber

The Rue Alliance, Book 1

Inspired by Sleeping Beauty

Powerful. In Pain. And under suspicion.

Mired in grief, Lady Roselyn Ravenstock avoids the cloying attention of friends, servants and society’s well-wishers.


Until the day she bumps into a woman who reminds her of her gentle mother.


Coming out of her deep-seated sorrow, Rose tentatively befriends this kind lady . . . then news comes of her new friend’s brutal murder. And Rose is implicated in the killing.


If Sleeping Beauty was your favorite fairy tale, you’ll love this switched-identity take on that heartwarming bedtime story, woven around a murder mystery, with a unique paranormal twist.


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A Scorching Dilemma

The Rue Alliance, Book 2

Inspired by Cinderella

Poor as a church mouse.

With the worst temperament to be a servant.

He definitely needs a Fairy Godmother.

Fire shifter Daniel Trenton has only nightmarish memories of his mysterious past.


As an orphan, raised on the streets, he does not have much in the way of prospects, but he is fine with that . . . until he falls in love with the daughter of a duke.


Unfortunately, pursuing her would mean her social destruction. So he promises himself to leave her alone for her own good.


But when her safety is threatened, Daniel has no choice but to become the hero she so desperately needs.


If Cinderella is your perfect cup of tea, you’ll love this gender-switched take on that grand ball of a story, woven around a thrilling mystery, with a bonfire romance between two people high society would surely never accept as a suitable couple.


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A Perfect Curse

The Rue Alliance, Book 3

Inspired by Snow White

Mirror, Mirror, in my hand…

In 1814, London, England, Nevara Wood is plagued by shifting sight that paints her world in sparkles.


Her pious aunt has convinced her that these images are the devil’s tricks. And she must never marry or give birth to a child, or she will risk propagating the evil within her.


A sad lonely fate Nevara might have submitted to, except for one unforgettable event with an unforgettable man.


If you love librarians living in the guise of Snow White,  you’ve got to check out this far-reaching tale that will whip you from the shores of England to the coast of Spain in search of a wicked witch. But look out for that poisoned apple!


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One Winter’s Night

Inspired by Goldilocks and the Three Bears

A Season for Giving by Shereen Vedam

On the shelf. On the hunt.

And determined to uncover his secrets.

After one unsuccessful season, Miss Honoria Gilbert knows just what she wants in a husband.


And she’s finally found him.

But Christopher de Wynter isn’t your typical English gentleman. He’s living a double life, doing undercover work for the crown, and has no intention of letting anyone get too close.


But then again, he’s never been up against the power of a young lady’s Christmas wish.

A Season for Giving is currently available in the Regency Yuletide Boxed Set, One Winter’s Night.

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