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Epic Fantasy Romance


Tales of Ryca, Book 1

Come out, come out, wherever you are...



In a moment of crisis, Gillly’s fantasy of safety is shattered. With her family murdered, she disguises herself as an eccentric goat herder and hides among shadows, while keeping a careful eye on her baby sister.



Then, Gilly's illegal use of magic to save her niece lifts the veil and exposes all of them to the enemy. Now it’s time to flee again, for an evil sorcerer, and the malevolent king he serves, are back on their trail.


If you like your epic fantasy romance with a flavor of mystery, are raring to go on a dangerous journey where you’ll enter exotic lands and meet strangers who could end up being either a trusted friend or a dangerous killer, this is the romantic tale for you. Step out of the shadows and pick up your copy today.

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Tales of Ryca, Book 2

Don't say a word!

In one day, young Tamara goes from being the king's firstborn and much-loved thirteen-year-old daughter to having her father brutally murdered. Then she's trapped by a time spell where no one hears her screams.

Once she's finally free, she's determined to stay that way. So, when she turns eighteen and her mother attempts to marry her off for "her own good," Tamara is having none of it.


WARNING: Wear your best chainmaille and carry a hefty sword before you flick open the first page of this romantically adventurous tale.


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Tales of Ryca: The Complete Series

The Tales of Ryca will introduce you to two brave sisters who are in serious trouble. One must face an enemy out to destroy her entire family. The other will confront a villain who plans to alter her world beyond recognition.

Hidden: When a young girl, injured and alone, faces a family tragedy of epic proportion, she has but one choice. Run. Hide. Stay inconspicuous. But what if she's found out?

Hushed: When a teenager is imprisoned for most of her young life, what does she do once free? She fights to make sure no one ever controls her again. But what if that unyielding attitude hurts an innocent?

Enter the Tales of Ryca and meet two fiercely independent women who have vastly different beliefs about how to survive. These epic fantasy tales will whisk you across a world and spin you around the universe in pursuit of the most elusive commodities in life: freedom, acceptance, and love.


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an epic fantasy novella

A sorceress who's afraid of casting a spell?


Amity's last attempt at magically helping someone was a disaster. So she decides to give up her spell casting ways. Then one day she meets the perfect man. But only by casting another spell, will she have a chance to meet that captivating nobleman again.


Duncan is entranced by a beauty in the woods whom he accidentally injures. However, his duty to the kingdom keeps him too busy to seek her out. His land is in trouble, dry and dying, and needs practical help. Instead, a mage has been summoned to conduct a magical blessing.


When Amity and Duncan next meet, will it be a happy reunion? Or will her magical abilities let her down again, resulting in a new disaster that destroys the land as well as her best chance at love?


If you enjoy stories about knights and witches, chivalry and sorcery, with a hint of romance, then you’re sure to love this short, sweet, epic fantasy tale.


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an epic fantasy novella

She believed in her destiny, then fate tore up their pact.


Princess Samara, daughter of the Sorcerer King, is unimpressed with the current turn of her fortune. Her father's chosen another successor, after promising that she would one day be Sorceress Queen. Then, he begs her to go fetch the very boy who is to usurp her place on his throne. When a reluctant knight, who only thinks of bedding women or hunting dragons, is assigned as their escort, she's ready to flame them all into ash.


Yet, she loves her father. And her beloved late mother's spirit has condoned this abominable turn of fate.

Now Samara is headed back home with a child who doesn't want the role she's been forced to surrender, with a knight who doesn't want to be with either of them. When a dragon then interferes with her plans to safeguard the boy, Samara must decide.


Is she a formidable sorceress who can handle this latest crisis, or was fate right to replace her as heir to her kingdom?


If you enjoy stories about dragons and knights, magic and sorcery, with a hint of romance, then you’re sure to love this short, sweet, epic fantasy tale.


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an epic fantasy novella

A girl in trouble. A boy on the hunt. And magic gone terribly awry.

Wishing to bring peace to her beleaguered land, and soothe her father's worries about a looming war, Elena agrees to an arranged marriage with the handsome son of their most volatile enemy. Her future husband's only stipulation? She must be a virgin bride.


Elena shrugs away that minor obligation, for fulfilling it will be a breeze for a lady who prefers books to boys. Yet, a year later, when her bridegroom announces he’s coming to claim her, Elena is in a panic. She's no longer the innocent he's expecting.


Her concerned maid suggests Elena seek out an unorthodox solution to her shameful problem. Cast a spell to hide her guilt. Yet, once the spell is wrought, not only does the result jeopardize Elena's chance to fulfill her promise, but endangers her dear father by raising the specter of war.


If you enjoy your fantasy with a humorous magical twist, you'll love this sweet tale of love, loss, and loose women.


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