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  • Shereen Vedam

Table of Contents (for readers)

Here, you'll find excerpts from books and fun interviews of characters by Godfrey, a fictional paranormal reporter.

Character Interviews

... from Outside the Circle Series

  1. Robert, ghost

  2. Abigail Grimshaw, Grimm

  3. Jimi and Nica, seers

  4. Judith Chan, witch, constable

  5. Talin Higgins, wizard, constable

  6. The Stray Siamese, shifter



Check out the tags at the bottom of this page for links to the excerpts

Historical Fantasy Romance EXCERPTS from...

  • The Cauldron Effect

    • Book 1, Coven At Callington

Urban Fantasy Mystery EXCERPTS from...

  • Outside the Circle

    • Book 1, Death Takes a Detour

    • Book 2, Death Shifts Gears

    • Book 3, Death Smells Disaster


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