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  • Shereen Vedam

Who was the 1st Grimm?

The popular notion is that Grimm fairy tales began with the Grimm Brothers.

But what if these two famous Grimm Brothers were merely one of many storytellers in their family line?

  • That phrase, "but what if," is how fiction begins.

And thus was born my first set of fictional tales about Grimms.

In the Outside the Circle mystery series, I envisioned a Grimm descendant.

Inspired by fairy tales and working as a team to solve mysteries....this series features an indomitable heroine named Abigail Grimshaw who teams up with a dedicated group of multi-cultural friends to solve supernatural mysteries in present-day Britain.

For this series of stories, I created the concept of a long line of Grimms.

All with one purpose:

  • To protect the innocent.

And with one instinctive need:

  • To share their adventures with the world.

There will be 8 books in this series, exploring the life of a unique Grimm Guardian like none other living in Kent, England. Hope you will join Abbie as she dives into solving magical contemporary mysteries.

Abigail Grimshaw in Book 1, Outside the Circle

But what if the Grimm Brothers weren't the start of this extraordinary family line?

  • Who then was the 1st Grimm?

My next fictional series, Grimm Beginning Mysteries, will attempt to answer this intriguing question.

Inspired by the Grimm Fairy Tales and J.R.R. Tolkien’s books about fate and free will …this new series will feature an ordinary human with a knack for solving magical puzzles, who teams up with a baby dragon with a nose for trouble, to solve supernatural mysteries in our distant past.

Our hero is Kennard of Grimm, a would-be knight, ends up a teacher in a medieval university, sharing his love of all things magical. Unfortunately, his world is fast transforming into a religious society where notions of magic and the supernatural are labelled "evil" and "heretical."

These stories will be epic adventures set in a fictional medieval Europe. Hope you will join Kennard as he delves into solving magical historical mysteries.

Release of book 1 in this next new series is scheduled for 2027.


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