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Story Telling Time: Love Spell in London Chapter 1 Part I

For those of you who have read Coven at Callington and Warlock from Wales, and are anxiously waiting for the release of the third and final book in The Cauldron Effect series, I have good news!

To give you a taste of what’s to come, below is the opening of Chapter 1 of Love Spell in London.

Love Spell in London

by Shereen Vedam

When a warlock insists on reclaiming his stolen hell hounds, Grace, the thieving witch, devises a way to outwit him. But warlocks are a dangerous breed and Grace may have chewed off more than she can handle.


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Chapter One Part I (other world opening) June 1816, London, England

Hollis, a full-grown eel, prodded his lagging friend, Hudson, to move along. It was time to go home, yet his friend had been dawdling for days on their swim downstream along the River Thames. 

Everything around Hollis was bathed in bright light, even this muddy river. His eyes had stretched to twice their normal size and he had also lost his appetite. Sure signs it was time to spawn. Now!

He wiggled ahead and then rushed back, impatient at his friend’s slow pace.

 “I am unwell, Hol.” That had been his friend’s reoccurring complaint, especially since they swam by the shadow of the Tower of London. “Go on without me.”

Hollis shuddered under the grip of opposing forces. A part of him wanted to shoot to the mouth of the river where freshwater kissed salt, but a leash of affection kept him tethered to his friend’s side. “How may I help, Hud?”

“I need a healer.” The tail end of Hudson’s words faded as he sank to the river’s muddy bottom.

 A healer? What did one look like? More to the point, would such a hunt delay him reaching the spawning ground? Yet, a request had been made. He was obligated to respond – yea, or nay.

He gave a defeated sigh and his top fin drooped as the fight left him. He could not forsake his friend. “As you wish, Hud, but you must hide while I am gone. There, in the gravel, beneath those rocks. Be safe.”

He scooted away upstream although this direction felt entirely wrong and might well spell his end.


To read the full book of Love Spell in London, pre-order it now for just $0.99.


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