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  • Shereen Vedam

Excerpt – Believe, an epic fantasy novella

Believe, an epic fantasy short story

She believed in her destiny, then fate tore up their pact.

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From Believe, by Shereen Vedam

…an odd noise had her spinning her head upward. It sounded like stone cracking.

She jumped up and faced her mother’s effigy. The statue’s arm holding a royal scepter, the symbol of her majesty’s rule, slowly rose. The fingers opened and the queen’s scepter, with a small carved dragon in place of a power globe at the top, floated over to Samara.

Was her mother’s spirit trying to tell her something? That Samara was meant to rule after all?

With a teary smile, Samara held out her hand and the scepter floated into her grip. The moment her fingers closed around the rod, it transformed into cold, heavy steel. She almost dropped it.

Then, it did something even more extraordinary. In a blink, it shrank until it fit within her palm, like a child’s toy.

The dragon curled at her mother’s feet lifted its cold stone gaze to pierce Samara directly before it spoke. “A gift for the boy.”

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