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  • Shereen Vedam

Character Interview: The Stray Siamese

The Stray Siamese

Today, I’m a little concerned about interviewing a stray, male, Siamese.

Rumor has it that it showed up at St. Michael’s cemetery on the night Hargeet Gill was murdered. It’s been seen in the company of Abbie Grimshaw and her friends ever since.

You’re probably thinking, why would a paranormal reporter be interested in a stray cat? It’s not even a black cat. Well, I’m been wondering if this creature might be Abbie’s familiar. Except, she claims not to be a witch.

Besides, between you and me, I suspect that Abbie is a Grimm. Not sure what all that entails, but my research suggests that not only are Grimms not witches, but they are held in grave distrust by supernatural creatures, especially witches.

Adding confusion to that supposition is that one of Abbie’s closest friends, Judith Chan, is a witch. Nor is the cat likely to be Judith’s familiar, for the Siamese has been spotted more often in Abbie’s company than her friend’s.

I have several questions for our curious kitty, but since this Siamese doesn’t speak any human languages, I’m uncertain how to extract my answers. Anywho, I have two reader questions to pose to this mysterious feline first. Here’s hoping he communicates more like a house cat than a feral stray.

I’m more of a dog person, so I checked with my mum, who lives with three cats. She gave me tips on how to pick up on a cat’s behavioral signals to gauge his mood.

Oh, and I also promised to report on my broom riding experience with Constable Talin Higgins. I’ll have a report for you on that excursion at the end of this interview.

Now, on with the show.

Due to COVID protocols, this interview is being held remotely.



[A hefty sandy-haired Siamese sits on Abbie’s kitchen table in front of a laptop, tail thumping.]

GP: What’s new pussy cat? [grins] I’m Godfrey Plowright. You may call me Godfrey. Do you have a name?

Cat: [Turns around and begins to clean his hind end vigorously]

GP: [sits back with a frown] Well, never mind about that then. I have a few questions that I’m hoping you’ll be kind enough to answer.

Cat: [Stops cleaning to glance at Godfrey in inquiry, hind leg still stretched straight up]

GP: [Encouraged, smiles] Good kittie.

Cat: [Leg drops and his tail begins to swish while his head tilts down and ears flick backward.]

GP: [worried, rushes in] Here’s the first one from Kanyon K. “Can you sense magic and/or the paranormal, such as ghosts?”

Cat: [glances over to the right and stares. After a moment of silence, Robert strolls forward dressed in black trousers, a white shirt, elaborately arranged cravat, and a bronze patterned waistcoat beneath his black tailcoat. He bends to look into the tablet and waves to Godfrey. Cat follows his movements until the earl scratches the cat behind his ears. The cat leans into the pet, purring until the earl vanishes.]

GP: I’ll note that as a “yes” then, shall I? Now here’s a more difficult one from Mary P. She would like to know if you have “any personal grudges we should know about?”

Cat: [Lazes back on the table and stretches, all four paws fully extended]

GP: “No?”

“Were you at St. Michael’s on the night of the murder?”

Cat: [sits up to glance at Godfrey, tail curled and fur sticking straight up] A low threatening growl emanates from the cat.

Cat: [the cat turns around to show Godfrey his back, with tail flopped down and fur flattened]

GP: [soldering on] My first question. Were you at St. Michael’s on the night of the murder?

Cat: [ignoring Godfrey, sits up very still, tail tucked under him]

GP: [consults his notes from his mum] That means you were frightened. [looks up at the cat, his expression softening] Entirely understandable, old son. I would have been frightened, too, coming across that church at night and hearing children’s screams.

Cat: [circles the tablet before sitting down, curled up and face on his paws to stare forlornly at Godfrey]

GP: Did you see anyone?

Cat: [waves with his paw] Meow.

GP: Abbie?

Cat: [head goes down on his paws]

GP: Anyone else? Robert?

Cat: [head remains on his paws but he purrs loudly]

GP: Any supernatural creature?

Cat: [hisses, fur standing on end]

GP: [eyes wide open, he leans forward eagerly] What was it?

Cat: Slashes the table leaving a claw mark and leaps off before running away.

GP: [sits back and sighs] Well, friends and readers. That confirms it. Finally, we have something concrete. An unnatural entity was definitely at St. Michael’s that night.


Thank you for following Paranormal Walk during this series of intriguing interviews into what has become a most puzzling occurrence in Chipstead, Kent.

As for that riding experiment from last month, I wish I had recorded it. Instead, you will have to take my word that Constable Talin Higgins arrived at my home riding that broom.

After that, everything happened so fast, I didn’t have time to record the event. He crash-landed into my garage door. I drove him to Kent A&E where, after a four-hour painful wait, he was finally patched up with 14 stitches.

I drove him home after and we played video games and talked. I didn’t get a chance to ride the broom but extracted a promise for a do-over. Soon, my readers.

Until we meet again, Cheerio. Godfrey

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