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Character Interview: Talin Higgins, wizard constable

Talin Higgins, wizard constable

Today, I’m excited to be chatting with the fascinating Constable Talin Higgins from the Chipstead nick in Kent, UK.

Higgins has a fascinating immigrant history. His grandparents arrived in England from Trinidad in the early 1960s. They had a boy and a girl. The boy married a Scottish lass. The couple had one child, our Talin Higgins.

Both his parents perished in a tragic car accident when Talin was just thirteen. His late father’s sister, Mrs. Niara Fisher, a widow living in Trinidad at the time, returned to England to raise him.

Once he came of age, his uncle from the Scottish side of his family, Callum Radford, who is the Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) at Chipstead, encouraged him to join the police force.

[Note: All animals, persons, and newspaper businesses mentioned in this article are works of fiction created by Shereen Vedam]

My research into twenty-four-year-old Constable Higgins shows a rather ordinary easygoing chap. That’s until he gets behind the wheel of a car. Then many say he displays a terrible case of colorful language while driving like a lunatic.

Supporting these reports, DCI Radford has placed strict rules on his nephew’s driving of a police unit, including forbidding him from using the sirens without prior permission from the DCI. Most unusual of all, and of particular interest to us, is the rumor that Constable Higgins has never encountered a red light.

I plan to question him about his experience with traffic lights and any possibly electromagnetic encounters he’s experienced in and around St. Michael’s.

Let’s get started.

Due to COVID protocols, this interview is being held remotely.



GP: Good morning, Constable Higgins. I’m Godfrey Plowright. You may call me Godfrey. May I call you Talin?

TH: [glances at him through the monitor and flashes a charming smile] Sure. Godfrey. Intriguing name. Get teased much?

GP: No. [with a serious face] Not after I told the first one who joked that he could either call me Godfrey or God.

TH: [grins] Feel powerful, mate?

GP: [shrugs] No, but the threat works. How about you? Rumor has it that you’re an electromagnetic wizard. Any truth to that?

TH: Electromagnetism or wizardry?

“What is a wizard? How is that different from, say, a witch?”

GP: I know the former exists as I researched it before this interview. I understand that it’s a force that can be felt from an infinite distance coming off everything. Is that accurate?

TH: I’m no scientist.

GP: Are you a wizard? What is a wizard? How is that different from, say, a witch?

TH: Witches alter the world. I entice the world to see things my way.

GP: Interesting distinction. [shuffles his papers] I have a reader question regarding your abilities from Jackie T. Are you ready?

TH: [nods] Shoot.

GP: “When did you know you had electromagnetic abilities?”

TH: [slumps back in his chair] After my parents died, I could sense energy everywhere. Trauma affects brain chemistry, which disturbs electromagnetic balance. Woke up my talent. [He’s quiet for a moment, glancing away. Then looks back with a somber expression.] Lonely and bored, I decided to play with what I sensed. [shrugs] Rest is history.

GP: I have a follow-up from Jackie. “How does this amazing ability help you in your job?”

TH: Good question. My cases involve computer research. Computers are electronics. I can reach hard-to-find data, access it faster. I’ve not reached the summit of what I can do. I’m learning every day.

GP: Do you use a wand?

TH: [smirks] Yuh lookin’ for one, mate?

GP: How do manipulate energy and magnetism without a wand?

TH: [holds up his right hand in a closed fist and raises his forefinger, and then closes the finger and the lights in Godfrey’s office switch off, leaving him in the dark. Talin raises the finger and the lights come back on.]

GP: [chuckles in delight] Is that how you control traffic lights?

TH: [matching his smile] Don’t tell Uncle Cal.

GP: Can you ride a broom like a witch?

TH: Did you ask Constable Chan that?

GP: [blushes] I didn’t get far with the broom question with her. Did she mention our interview?

GP: Seriously? Maybe we could ask Constable Chan to join us?

TH: Nope. She’d talk us out of it. [frowns] Everything in life is made up of energy. Even brooms. Should be possible. [He jumps up] I’ll find one. You’ve had your shots, right? Make sure you wear a mask.

GP: [grins] It’ll only take me an hour to drive to Abbie’s place from my home. That work for you?

TH: I’ll drive. I can get to yours in half that time.

[screen goes blank]


The next installment of Paranormal Walk will be available in October 2021 when I interview the Siamese cat. I’ll also provide an update on how the broom riding experiment went.

Until then, cheerio, Godfrey

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