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If you like stories with a mix of adventure, magic, a light sprinkling of humor and the promise of romance. If you enjoy a tale that weaves in a thread of fairy tale, myth or history. Then this is the place to be. New Release: A Scorching Dilemma

My most recent release is A Scorching Dilemma, a Regency paranormal romance, inspired by Cinderella. It's the second of a three-book stand-alone series, whose hero grew up as an orphan in the harsh environment of workhouses and pickpockets, thieves and murderers of 1800 London, England. In this story, as with many of my tales, the hero deals with issues that many New Adults wrestles with: how do I fit into my world, what is my purpose, who am I?

As for what I look for in my entertainment, currently, three TV series have caught my eye: GRIMM, ONCE UPON A TIME and SLEEPY HOLLOW. And regular residents on my bookshelves are Terry Pratchett, Martha Wells and Jane Austen.

If you, too, yearn to take a step beyond the ordinary world, then linger awhile, because chances are good that you will enjoy this journey.

My stories reflect my longing for a marriage between fantasy and history. Under THIS LAND, you'll find not only Regencies (historical tales from the early 1800s), but also adventurous fantasies with a romantic flavor.

Here, heroes and heroines will be called upon to cast complex spells, defy society's rules, perhaps even fly a contemptuous dragon. And although they'll swear they had intended to keep love firmly at arm's length, avoiding it can sometimes be like holding onto a chimera by its tail.

I bid you welcome ... and hope you enjoy your stay.

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A Scorching Dilemma by Shereen Vedam

A Scorching Dilemma

by Shereen Vedam

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